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Training Information

If you are interested in training with Sensei Bob Rhodes give us a call on
Tel: 07866 639060 for an informal chat

or email

Beginners are always welcome

Instructors have CRB and registered first aider certification

Kumite begins with basic blocks and counters and progresses to free-sparring developing the reflexes, co-ordination and timing necessary for self-defence or competition (whichever you are interested in).

Lesson Format

Lessons vary in subject matter of 1 hour of instructor lead activities based around traditional karate training:

  • 10-15 minute warmup of stretching and loosening up
  • Kihon - individual training in fundamental techniques
  • Kumite - paired fighting drills, pre-arranged and non pre-arranged combinations
  • Kata - individual set piece drills
  • Multi-partner work, or fitness training, or cool down stretching

Each section has a range of complexity to suit the different levels or grades of students. Students of similar grade train along side each other. Questions are encouraged.

Training Details
The physical training required to reach a high level of skill in Karate promotes overall good health, fitness and well-being. The concentration, commitment and dedication required, help build a strong, confident and determined character.

The KUGB grading rules require that only members holding a current KUGB license and training at least twice per week are entitled to grade. Goshougake Karate Club gradings are held every 3-4 months.

Karate has recently become part of the physical education syllabus for both GCSE and A level. Students interested in studying karate towards these certification standards as well as for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme should enquire at the club.


Black & Brown Belt Course Lichfield
Saturday 3rd November 2007

Peter Lewis first started training in karate 25 years ago whilst living in Wales. After a long break from karate, Pete started back at karate and two years ago joined Goshougake Karate Club, with the experience to know that the training here under the tuition of Sensei Rhodes 7th Dan, is "The Real Thing", as Pete says.

So after a break of 20 years or so, the time finally came for Pete to be examined for his Black belt. Pete had already passed his kumite at a KUGB National Course earlier in the year, and today he achieved the icing on the cake to obtain the KUGB black belt under the examiners Sensei A. Sherry 8th Dan and Sensei R. Rhodes 7th Dan.

In the picture, Pete is presented with his Silk embroidered black belt by his instructor Sensei Bob Rhodes. We know that Pete will wear the belt with the same respect that he has shown towards his training.

Special Dan Course, Egham
Saturday 6th October 2007

OK this is me, Selina Farwell. I am now the proud owner of a 3rd degree black belt award, which was awarded after 2 hours of continuous training in all aspects of basics, kate and kumite. When the exam started about 1 hour after the training session I had already given my all, but the adrenaline of the exam and the experience of regular training allows the body to deliver more than expected.
On the right, is me with my instructor Sensei Rhodes, who has given much time, energy and patience over the last 4 years to delivering me in a condition likely to pass this exam. Thank goodness for his constant energy even when mine was depleted!
Below are the other successful examination candidates at the exam, those who now also have a 3rd or 4th Dan. Don't we all look bright and fit young(ish) things!


Successful candidates at Egham Special Dan Course October 2007

Devon Children's Karate Championships 2007
Saturday 29th September

On Saturday the annual Devon Children's Karate Championships was held at Exeter Dojo. Goshougake Karate Club had two students enter in the kata rounds and the kumite competition. It was Matthews first competition (below), and altough he made a few beginners mistakes he did well enough to come 4th in the 0-4th Kyu Kata Category.

Declan Hinchcliffe (right) is more experienced in competition and did superbly well to reach the final of the Boys Kumite. In the final Declan scored an ippon (an immediate full point) with a front leg snap kick to his apponents torso which knocked his opponent off-balance. By the end of the 2 minute round Declan was ahead on points and was declared the winner. Declan is presented with the winners trophy in the picture on the right.

Matthew Thornton (left) comes fourth in the 0-4th Kyu Kata

Declan Hinchcliffe (second left) wins the Boys Kumite

Special Dan Grading, Chesterfield, 25th March 2007



Ray Allsop (left) is a keen karate student at Goshougake Karate Club. Ray trains hard and listens well. Rarely missing a club training session he had put a lot of effort into his recent grading in March at Chesterfield. Following a pre-grading training session and a strenuous grading, Ray was awarded for his efforts and received his Godan (5th Dan) by the KUGB. In the photo, Club Instructor Sensei Rhodes 7th Dan (right) congratulates Ray on his achievement.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme 2007




Matthew Thornton 5th Kyu Goshougake Karate Club has been taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. Through our karate club, Matthew has successfully passed the physical activity part of his Bronze Award. In the photo Matthew is presented with his Award Scheme Report by Sensei Rhodes. Matthew has shown determination and hard work in his training over the last year. Well Done Matthew.

Goshougake Karate Club Photo
Wednesday 18th April 2007

After Training, Photo at Torquay Boys Grammar School Sports Hall
From the left, Back Row:

Pete Lewis 1st Kyu, Ali Richards 1st Kyu, Selina Farwell 2nd Dan, Sensei Bob Rhodes 7th Dan,
Joshua Hanniford-Hill 1st Dan, Deanna Gallichan 1st Dan, Ray Allsop 5th Dan
Front Row:
Sam Hinchcliffe 6th Kyu, Simon Cooke 9th Kyu, Gabriel Maycock 9th Kyu,
Tom Maycock 9th Kyu, Mark Camps 9th Kyu & Rhys Lewis 6th Kyu.
Absent from the photo were Declan Hinchcliffe 1st Dan, Matthew Thornton 5th Kyu,
David Hore 2nd Dan & Lewis Bancroft 9th Kyu

News 2nd December 2006
Dan Grading, Reading

Congratulations to Declan Hinchcliffe who battled successfully on Saturday to obtain his KUGB first degree black belt. Above Sensei Rhodes congratulates Declan on his hardwork and strong attitude towards his training.


News 14th April 2006
Spring Course, Torbay

Six of the club students attended this year's Spring Karate Course. Following a full weeks training starting at 8am and 12pm the students were sharp, agile and confident, ready for their grading on the Friday. The photo below, taken just after the Friday grading, shows the Club students that attended the course with our club Chief Instructor Sensei Bob Rhodes (right). From left to right are, Selina Farwell (awarded KUGB Instructor's Certificate), Lee Babbage (awarded 1st Kyu), Michael Bryan-Harris (awarded 3rd Kyu), Declan Hinchcliffe (awarded Basics and Kumite towards Shodan), Jasmine May-West (awarded Shodan), Joshua Hanniford-Hill (awarded Shodan) and Sensei Bob Rhodes, Club Chief Instructor and Spring Karate Course Instructor. Congratulations to all our students on their achievement.

On the Monday, Sensei Rhodes had assessed Selina for her Instructor's certificate. This involved assessing her teaching over a full 1.5 hour club training session. For the last 2.5 years Sensei Rhodes has passed on countless details to her around teaching and running a karate club. This showed in the fact that the assessment was marked at 9/10 and Selina is very grateful for this time Sensei Rhodes has volunteered.

Our three, 1st Kyu students, who tested for Shodan on the Friday 14th April grading are shown below being examined by Sensei Sherry 8th Dan. During this time, Sensei Rhodes was examining the Kyu grades (just out of picture). For a taster of what is expected at a KUGB Shodan grading please see below. All of these pictures are taken live (without flash) during the Shodan grading, none are posed pictures.

A group of junior males going full speed and power through their Kihon or Basics. This combination is front snap kick, followed by double punch. Our Club students Josh and Declan are shown closest to the camera.

Josh and Declan later in the Basics going bit by bit through the special grading combination.

Junior females going through the Basics or Kihon part of the Shodan grading. Jasmine (Goshougake Karate Club) is furthest from the camera with the white headband.

Jasmine (furthest) going slowly initially through the special grading combination.

After the Basics the students are required to perform 3 kicks (to the front, side and rear) whilst standing on one leg. Here Jasmine performs the 2nd kick of these - kekomi side thrust kick.

Similarly the junior males have the same grading requirements. Here Josh (left) and Declan (right) are performing the 3rd kick - ushiro geri, kick to the rear.

Next is the grading kata, Bassai Dai. Here Jasmine prepares for migi mikazuki-geri.

In the later half of Bassai Dai, here Jasmine performs one of the yamazuki punches to head and lower level simultaneously.

The junior males performing back stance knifehand block from Bassai Dai.

And a yamazuki from Josh and Declan, keenly watched over by Sensei Rhodes (left).

Next is the pre-arranged kumite. Here Josh (right) announces a lunge punch to stomach level and Declan quickly blocks and counters.

The last of 6 pre-arranged attacks is spinning back kick. Josh attacks and Declan slides back and blocks, following up with a counter punch.

This section of the grading continues with the partner then attacking. Here Declan (right) attacks with a lunge punch to the stomach. Josh defends with an outside block and prepares for the counter.

Lastly in the pre-arranged kumite, Declan gets his own back with a spinning back kick. Josh (left) steps back and blocks with both arms.

This is not the end of the grading. Next comes the free style fighting or Ju kumite. If the students survive that then there is an elimination kata chosen by the examiner. Only if no mistakes are made whatsoever, does the student get to wear a KUGB black belt.

Goshougake Club Students pictured with Sensei Bob Rhodes 7th Dan. From left: Josh Hanniford-Hill, Sensei Rhodes, Jasmine West (1st Place) and Declan Hinchcliffe (Joint 3rd Place).

Competition Success

On Sat 18th February 2006, 4 of our club students took part in the KUGB Southern Region Championship in Reading.

Jasmine West achieved first place in the Girls Kumite and Declan Hinchcliffe came joint third in the Boy's Kumite, 5' to under 5'5".

This was the first time these students had entered such a large competition and competing after getting up at 4.30am and travelling to Reading is no mean feat!